The furniture anniversary

You know those lists of traditional and modern anniversary gifts?  The annual “traditional” list stops at 15 years and then only has markers every five.  The modern list, though, had annual gifts thru at least 20 years.  Today is my anniversary – 17 years.

This was me, 17 years ago.   I LOVED that bouquet.  I didn’t want an all white one, and I was so happy that my florist was able to create something that was so colorful (without looking like I was carrying a clown).

Image0036 (2)

Tonight, DH and I went out to dinner, alone.  It was lovely.  It was slow, no one argued, I had a drink, we talked about different things, we didn’t take out our phones…  Well, almost.  The dinner part was delicious.  I had filet mignon.  There were roasted cipollini onions.  There was a well-dressed salad.  There was attentive service.  Ahhh.

We ordered dessert.  I had a creamy vanilla creme brulee.  It was smooth, the sugar was browned and crisp without tasting burnt, it wasn’t deep, so it was possible to have crust with nearly every bit of custard…  I took a picture after the first bite.



When we were seated, the server asked if it was any special occasion, so I volunteered that it was our anniversary.  She brought this box out at the end of dinner (and remembered that it was our 17th).  Truffles!  We may share these with the boys, but maybe not.  To their credit, they seemed to have behaved when left alone while we went out.




It may still be a furniture weekend for us.  We’d really like to get a new dining room table and chairs, and many places are having a sale over the holiday weekend (Labor Day here in the US), so we may spend part of Monday looking at tables.   Tomorrow I’m heading to the LYS to pick up something for a bigger Milo sweater for a friend’s baby.  I want something superwash, and I don’t have enough of anything in my stash right now (despite the ridiculous amount of new stash I have).

What are you busy doing over the holiday weekend?

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