Yarn Along 2014: Week 41

Hi everyone!  I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things for the Yarn Along again this week.  I know I said I’d post something soon about all the work happening in the house and then this week started getting away from me.  There is supposed to be more work done tomorrow, so maybe I’ll fit something in by the end of the week.

I had an appointment today, so I brought my mindless socks with me and remembered to take a picture of them while I was waiting.

IMG_20141008_143214753I started these back in August, and made great progress for a while, then got involved in other things that were higher priorities.  I didn’t bring a book with me because I wasn’t expecting a long wait.  I’ll know better for next time.  While in the waiting room, I watched some show on HGTV and mildly heckled it with another person waiting.  This picture is from a different room where I had to wait.  I ended up playing the audiobook I had on my phone (The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of  Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore) while I worked on the socks.  I’m reading The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell.  I think I might be about half way thru it and am trying to decide if it’s more like Gone Girl or Fight Club – I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I’ll probably ask this a couple more times, but in case anyone is out there now….  I’m looking for good “stocking stuffer” ideas for my kids: boys aged 11.5 and 14 at Christmas.  Interests include: ice hockey, minecraft, scootering, bike riding (not racing – just around the neighborhood stuff), exploring the wooded areas, etc.   One is a reader, the other less so.  Comic strip books are always a hit (Foxtrot, Pearls Before Swine, Calving and Hobbes, and oddly Dilbert are favorites) and we’d take suggestions on other things to try in that category.  Help?

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1 Response to Yarn Along 2014: Week 41

  1. Heather says:

    Comics-Eamon also likes Cul de Sac. App store gift card, perhaps? I found myself heckling the TV at the pedicure place. Aine and I went there for a date. Ridiculous tv showing demanded some talk back

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