Yarn Along 2014: Week 52

I know Ginny who hosts the Yarn Along over at Small Things suggested that this last post of the year be used for sharing pictures of gift knitting, but I did zero gift knitting (well, winter holiday gift knitting).  Instead I’m going to show big potential knitting.

IMG_20141231_220048197 (2)The bottom 2 bags contain (hopefully) all the yarn I need to finish the Minecraft Creeper blanket.  The top bag contains yarn to make a cabled blanket for my cousin who’s getting married in May.  You  might remember that I knit a cabled blanket for another cousin earlier this year.  This new one is for his sister and her fiance.  I’m not complete sure about the pattern I’ll use, but I wanted to lay in a stash of yarn before the end of the year.

For 2015, I’m joining the Stashdown Tiara Challenge in the Knit Picks (and more!) Stashdown group at Ravelry.  I’ve signed up for the “no yarn” tiara, which means no new yarn allowed in (barring completely unsolicited gifts).  I needed to commit by today (and yes, if you’re a regular reader, you may remember that I HAD committed earlier this month, but then I remembered about cousin’s wedding and had to change my start date), so I picked a pattern that is as complicated as I’m willing to do, and bought enough yarn for it.  I need to spend some time updating my Ravelry stash pages with all this stuff I’ve bought.   It’s possible I could also earn the “weight” tiara (have a net loss of 6000 grams of yarn at year’s end), but I think one yarn goal is enough.

As for the reading part of the Yarn Along.  I’m reading Scot on the Rocks: How I Survived My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding With My Dignity Ever-So Slightly Intact by Brenda Janowitz.  It’s brain candy and I’m okay with that.  I’m listening to I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson.

And now, since it’s 2015 somewhere, I’m calling it a night.  Welcome to a new year, everyone.


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