Back in December, I participated in a cookie swap.  I was trying to think of something that had the typical “winter” flavors without being peppermint or pumpkin.  I really like pumpkin, but it was feeling overdone, and some people really consider it more “autumn” than “winter.”

Eggnog came to mind as something that’s out just in the winter and has the potential to be tasty.  I don’t like actual eggnog, but I do like nutmeg and similar warm spices.  I found a recipe for eggnog scones and made those.  They were delicious and well received.

I’ve had the rest of a quart of eggnog lingering in my fridge and wanted to bake something with it, since no one here will drink it.  While looking for a hot chocolate mix recipe for a friend, I found a recipe for eggnog muffins with nutmeg streusel.  I made those tonight.


I omitted the topping because it ends up being too messy for our house (and I’m a lousy enough housekeeper).  I added cinnamon chips (not the “Flavr Bites” or whatever from the King Arthur Flour people, but the mostly artificial ones that Hershey makes).  I had one and a half cups of eggnog, so I increased the whole recipe by 1.5, which gave me 18 muffins.  If I’d filled all of the cups like that one in the top of the picture, it might have been closer to 24, but I filled the first pan pretty full. I replaced some of the all purpose flour with white whole wheat flour, but no one here will notice.  I didn’t have any rum flavoring, so I increased the vanilla a little.

The flavor is pretty mild.  I could easily add more nutmeg the next time.  A simple “spice” muffin would be good, too, with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger… allspice maybe?    Like these, perhaps.

My family will eat almost any kind of muffin.  Blueberry are the big favorites.  The first time I made a batch of sweet potato muffins with candied ginger, Thing 2 told me he didn’t like the “bits of onion” in them (the ginger), so he picked those out.  That’s been the biggest complaint, and the next time I made them with dried cranberries and there were no complaints.

Does your family have a favorite muffin flavor or recipe?

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One Response to Muffins!

  1. ameyknits says:

    There were 13 left at bedtime last night. There is one left currently.

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