Yarn ALong 2015: Week 3

Hey look: a daytime picture!


That black bit is the neighbor’s cat heading off to hassle the birds.

I did the math for the blue hat I was knitting last week and realized I’d end up with a hat about 15″ in circumference, which seemed too small.  I know I said I’d give a too small hat to a friend’s twin, but I decided to just rip out and begin again.  I went up a needle size since I was definitely not getting gauge, and casted on a few more stitches.   It’s moving right along.  I’ve been binge-watching the first four seasons of Haven on Netflix, and knitting while I watch.  The house is becoming annoyed at the lack of attention.

I’m reading The Bat by Jo Nesbø.    It’s the first “Harry Hole” book and I’m enjoying it so far.  I’m wondering if it will be as dark as some other Scandinavian mysteries I’ve read.  I’ve been listening to the Curious Handmade podcast.  She turned up on my radar before Christmas – somewhere I saw a post about her gift planner.  I should’ve purchased her KnitVent calendar (like an advent calendar, but weekly knitting patterns) because the patterns were lovely.  I’ll hold off now since I have a decent queue of things to knit, but I’m keeping her in mind.

I’m joining up (late) with Ginny’s Yarn Along.  You should definitely go check out all the great blog posts that link up there on Wednesdays.

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