One step forward and two steps back

Remember how I had to reknit the blue hat?  Well, I finally finished the second attempt (no pictures yet).  So, yesterday I started a second hat out of this lovely Malabrigo Rios in piedras.  I’m using the Barley pattern from Tin Can Knits.   It’s a simple pattern, so how could I go wrong, right?

I was about two inches into the body of the hat when I decided to check my gauge.  It was too small, so I ran the numbers.  I figured out I was making a hat a few sizes too small because my gauge was off.  So, I ran more numbers to sort out what size I should make instead.  I pulled out the needle and looked at it.  I was using one two sizes smaller than I thought I was – so a US6 for the ribbing (correct) and a US6 for the body (incorrect).  I had switched needles and everything (from a nickel one for the ribbing to a bamboo one for the body).   Argh.


I’ve got the ribbing back on the needle.  I only have one US8 needle that’s 16″ long, and it’s being used on a Minecraft square.  So, I’ll need to put that on something else.  I think I have a longer US8, so I’ll move the square onto that since that’s just flat knitting.

On the plus side, I really like this yarn, so I don’t mind getting to use it again.

Have you made a silly mistake with your crafting?

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2 Responses to One step forward and two steps back

  1. Too many times to count. Usually when I’m too tired and its a sign I need more sleep!

  2. ameyknits says:

    A. I’m impressed if there’s a time you DON’T need more sleep right now.
    B. It’s frustrating that I didn’t even bother to look at the needle. It’s clearly printed on the side of the bamboo that it’s a US6. I made the switch in the middle of the day, happily sitting here knitting and watching episodes of Haven.

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