When chaos reigns

Or rains?

Yesterday (Friday) was a crazy day.  The boys had a two hour delay start of school because of the ice we’ve had (they had Tuesday and Wednesday off as “ice” days, then late starts on Thursday and Friday).  Thing 1 had a hockey tournament out of state and needed to leave before noon, so it didn’t make sense to have him go to school at all since I’d need to pull him just as school was really starting.

So, I got Thing 2 off to school, Thing 1 got packed for the trip, and then I dropped him off with a teammate to make the drive to the tournament (DH had to put in a full day of work first).  I made a trip to the library and had a lazy browse.  I haven’t been to the library in a long time, and I had forgotten how much I like being there.  I came home with a stack of books.  YAY!

DH and I had lunch and then I ran out to ship a package and go to Target for some random stuff.   When I got home, Thing 2 was home from school and I had no real dinner plan.  DH was getting ready to leave for the tournament, so I told Thing 2 to get packed up, we’d get dinner out, and then I could take him to hockey practice.

As we were all in the driveway and garage at the same time, things were busy.  And then Thing 2 says, “There’s a hole in the truck window.”  What??  He thought there was ice on it, tapped it to make the ice drop off, and his finger went thru it.  DH was taking the van for hockey, so I told him to just give me some idea of what to do (was cardboard and tape the best choice?) and I would manage it.  While I was getting that all taped up, I had Thing 2 send a message to the hockey team saying that he was coming to practice, but would be late.

Okay.  Truck window taped up, hockey gear in truck, Thing 2 in truck – we headed out and got quick dinner at Panera (slightly better than fast food), and got to practice.  Normally I drop him off and go home since we live close to the rink.  With his late arrival, I decided to just stay (and have a block of calmness, honestly).  I read my book and worked on a Minecraft blanket square and tried to get in a weekend frame of mind.

When practice was over (around 7:30), Thing 2 came out and asked to stay for public skating because most of his teammates were staying.  That went to 9:20, so paid for him and said I’d pick him up later.

When I got home, I could hear what sounded like water spraying under pressure (like when you stick your thumb in the end of the hose when it’s on).  Keep in mind it’s dark and cold.  I turned the truck’s headlights on to help me see what might be happening.  There was a thing by the side of the house that looks, basically, like the hard cover for a sewing machine.  There was water running out of the bottom of it, and the noise was definitely coming from that thing.  I pulled the cover thing off and got a face full of water and soaked the bottom of my jeans.  What fun.

I called DH and tried to explain the situation.  He asked if this “thing” had valves on it (no idea), and did I know how to turn the water off at the street (nope).  He was still on the road, so he said he’d pull over so we could talk and he could think about how to explain to me how to turn off the water.  I said I’d see if the neighbors could help and called him back.  Neighbors?  Not home.  I figured I should see if there WERE valves  before I talked to DH again.  This time I pulled off that cover slowly and tilted it away from me so that I might be able to shield myself a bit.  I was very slightly successful.  I still got wet, but there were valves!  I turned them and the water stopped!  Hurrah!!!

I called DH, who asked if I could please send pictures of this “thing” so maybe he could see what I was talking about and decide if we needed to do something about it right then.  I sent the pictures (three cheers for modern technology, folks), and went inside to get dry before I tackled anything else.  He called, said it looked like it was the sprinkler line (for the in-ground sprinkler system) and asked me to turn on a faucet and let it run for a good minute to see if we still had water.  Oh yes!  Victory!  I told him that even if something happened with the water, Thing 2 and I could get thru the night and then deal with the whole thing in the morning.  We had a couple of gallons of water in the house and would be fine overnight.

I picked up Thing 2 from public skating and he came home and showered (no water issues, no stinky hockey boy!).  We settled in for the night.  This morning (Saturday), I showered with no issues, so the assumption that the controls might be for the sprinklers seems to be a safe one.  There’s been no issue with the water in the house.

Once the water issue was “solved” and before I went to get Thing 2, I called my grandmother.  She has had some kind of water issue everywhere she’s lived in the US.  She’s English and meet my American grandfather at a pub one night during World War 2.  They got married and she moved to the US with my toddler mom while Pop was still in the Army in Europe.  She has had washing machines in apartments above her overflow and cascade into her kitchen via the ceiling.  She had a neighbor who thought his sink had a garbage disposal (it didn’t) which caused spaghetti to back up into her sink.  There are other stories I’m just not remembering right now.   She has cursed me.  I called her and told her about the water issue.  I told her I was comfortable blaming her for the problem.  She laughed (I knew she would), and said she was fine taking the blame.    She’s tiny, and English, 95 years young, an active gardener and bird watcher.  And a water curse.   This is not my first major water problem, and it won’t be my last.  *sigh*  It’s a good thing I really, really like her 🙂

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