Yarn Along 2015: Week 10

Every Wednesday, Ginny over at Small Things hosts a “Yarn Along” where people post about what they’re making and reading.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting on Wednesday (I was much better about it last year), and I need to get back in the habit.  I used to read many of the posts linked at the end of her post, and my Goodreads “to read” list is huge thanks to those posts.

This picture may be upsetting to anyone in the north who has been coping with the very rough winter of 2014-2015.


It was in the mid-70s (Fahrenheit) today.  I was an idiot and spent most of that sun and warmth inside working on a presentation.  When I was done, I went outside to sit and try to cast on this project.  It was nearly 4:00pm/1600 when I got outside, and storm clouds had moved in.  I was outside long enough to take a couple of pictures in the chair, watch the birds at the feeder for a while, and then the rain started.   It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, and rainy thru the rest of the week.  I don’t really mind the rain, but it’s definitely slowing down the construction process.  We’re having a screened-in porch built – you can see the corner of the patio in the picture.

I finished my baktus scarf, but I still need to wash and block it.  Today I tried to cast on the blanket for my cousin’s wedding.  The first and second time, the tail was too long.  The third time, the tail was manageable, but I’d casted on the wrong number (you knit a smaller number for the initial garter border, then increase when you start the cable pattern).   I am determined to get the cast on correct before I go to bed tonight.

I’m nearing the end of Bright Lights, Big City (print) and Needful Things (audio).  I may switch back to podcasts when I finish Needful Things and I’m not sure what I’m reading next in print.  I have a couple of things that I’m waiting for from the library.

If you haven’t seen this reading list yet, go check it out.  Yes, it’s on the “Popsugar” website, but it’s legitimate.  It’s a list of 50 categories – things like “a book with a color in the title” or “A book you should’ve read in school.”  Currently, I’m reading what I want to and then seeing if it fits into a category.   I’m choosing to count audiobooks.   I’m not sure there’s a book (beyond some very tiny local history things) set in my hometown, but there are loads set where I was born, and in surrounding towns.

Now I need to get back to casting on!

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2 Responses to Yarn Along 2015: Week 10

  1. Amy Pass says:

    Amey, my sister is doing that reading list! She’s trying to find an author with her initials (LB). The only one she can think of so far is L. Frank Baum!

    • ameyknits says:

      Hey Amy,
      I went thru my “To-Read” list on goodreads and have some ideas for Lisa:
      Lauren Beukes
      Lisa Bedford
      Linwood Barclay
      Lindsey Barraclough
      Lillian Beckwith

      I don’t seem to have any LB’s in my “read” list. So, I can’t vouch for any of those authors (and who knows if Lisa and I have the same interest/taste in books), but they’re a place to start.

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