Yarn Along 2015: Week 17

Apparently I’m bookending this month – I posted on the 1st, and again on the 30th, and not at all the rest of the month.  DSC01255

I’m sitting outside in our nearly finished screened-in porch.  It’s LOVELY.  The screens are up, the roof is done – the only things left are a few cosmetic issues and getting a light installed on the outside.  The grill won’t be on the porch, but will stay out on the cement patio, and we’ll need the light to see what we’re doing with that.  Also, DH has this grand dream of getting a hot tub for the patio.  I’m not getting emotionally invested in that.

The red project is the slouchy bubbles hat.  It’s knit out of yarn leftover from that blanket square project I was doing for the art installation in Phoenix.  I’m sure it’s Red Heart Super Saver or very similar (maybe a Bernat of similar content?).  I’ve finished two repeats of the cable bit and have one more to go before I do the decreases.  I’m just knitting it to have some portable variety from the squares for Thing 2’s Minecraft blanket.

The grey blanket.  Oh, the grey blanket.  The cable repeat for that is 64 rows.  I made it to row 43 of the second repeat and then realized I’d miscrossed a cable about 15 rows back.  Since it was staring me in the eye, I ripped it back.  Once I had the blanket back on my needles, I “tinked” back another 3 rows to get to where I was sure the cables were seated correctly and I knew where I was in the pattern.  Then it needed to sit by itself for a while until I was thinking positive thoughts about it again.  It’s a gift for a dear cousin and didn’t want it filled with bad mood.  Of course now I’m looking at how much yarn I bought, how much progress I’ve made, how much yarn I’ve used already and wondering if I could make it larger than I was originally planning.  I’ll need to make that decision soon.

I’m currently reading Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear for my mystery book club in May.  I’ve been listening to various podcasts.  Today was the current episode of the Dear Mr. Potter seminar from StoryWonk, and Episode 7 from the Two Knit Lit Chicks.  I’m not sure if “Dear Mr. Potter” should be in italics (like a book title) or something else?  I’m also too lazy to find out.  I’m really enjoying it, though.  I had a moment of wondering if it would take away some of the “magic” of HP for me, but nope – just makes the experience deeper.  They’re discussing only Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – not the whole series.

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things once again.

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4 Responses to Yarn Along 2015: Week 17

  1. CraftChick says:

    Do you know what I just saw that may have convinced me that we need a hot tub once we have extra funds? A portable hot tub (I’ve read great things, and the cost is so much cheaper…plus we could take it places)…have to spread the knowledge…I’d never heard of them before 🙂 Good luck with the blanket…perhaps having the lovely screen porch to knit in will help the progress!

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