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Yarn Along 2015: Week 29

Well, I got my picture taken on time, and then spent time either outside without my computer (and I dislike trying to blog from my phone), or inside only long enough to do something quickly.  So, now it is the … Continue reading

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Yarn Along 2015: Week 27

A quick, belated post.  I’ve been busy at a La Leche League seminar.  I drove out on Thursday, so Wednesday was busy with last minute laundry and family stuff.  Tonight is the last night, and while I’m sure I’d love … Continue reading

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Tour De Loop!

A friend linked to this post by Stacey at FreshStitches.  She’s organizing a “Tour de Loop” for “loop makers:” knitters, crocheters, sewists, embroiderers, etc.   People have organized a “Tour de Fleece” for spinners to spin along with the Tour … Continue reading

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Yarn Along 2015: Week 26

It’s Yarn Along time once again. No, the scarf isn’t finished.  I’ve confined it to my purse and am trying to give some more  attention to the grey blanket.  My last progress post about it is here, and then I ripped … Continue reading

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