Yarn Along 2015: Week 29

Well, I got my picture taken on time, and then spent time either outside without my computer (and I dislike trying to blog from my phone), or inside only long enough to do something quickly.  So, now it is the wee hours of Thursday morning and I’m finally posting.  This is closer to Wednesday than the last time I posted, so I’ll count that as a win.


I’m visiting my family in Upstate NY and this was my view on the patio at my grandmother’s apartment this morning.  I was working on a slipper for her with a pattern and yarn she handed to me.  It’s a worsted weight acrylic yarn held double, and I was using a US9/5.5mm needle (she had started the slipper on straights – I switched to a circular).  The fabric was, in a word, dense.  I double checked that she was happy with the fabric after I’d done about two inches.  It’s possible the slipper is currently water-tight, but she’s happy with the finished item.  At 95, if you want a “battleship quality” slipper, that’s what you’ll get.  It should easily survive walking around on the cement patio while she surveys her gardens (only a small portion is pictured above).

I’m reading the Wool omnibus by Hugh Howey and I quite like it.  Several months ago, I stumbled upon Ascension on the SyFy channel here in the US (their spelling, not mine).   I’m still early in Wool but there are things that remind me of Ascension and I keep wondering if the there will be a similar “truth” coming out.  Don’t spoil it for me if you know.

I’m listening to Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne and narrated by Michael Prichard.   Eighty was one of the free audiobook downloads from AudioBookSync a couple weeks ago.    Each summer, Sync pairs a classic and a current YA title together on a theme.  They do it for 14 weeks over the summer with new weeks starting on Thursday at 7:00am Eastern Time.  Sometimes the books are limited to certain countries, but not always.  This week’s books are Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and March by Geraldine Brooks.

As always, the Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny over at Small Things.

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2 Responses to Yarn Along 2015: Week 29

  1. Annie says:

    I took one look at your photo and thought, Oh, I’ve made that slipper before! They are definitely sturdy double-stranded. I figure the next time I make them, I’ll use a single strand for the sides and pick up a second just for the center section that makes the sole, picking up and dropping across each row so that only the sole is double/super-thick and the body is softer/more flexible. I haven’t tried it, but that’s my theory…

    The Jules Verne is on my to-read list, too!

  2. Becki says:

    What a lovely spot to sit and knit. I chuckled that you are making your grandmother slippers “battleship quality” because she wants them thick. She will love them.

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