The best laid plans

Well, I had grand plans of posting regularly and then real life kicked in.  We’ve been dealing with some challenging things here at home.  Additionally, I’m a Leader with La Leche League and have had some increased responsibilities with that organization that are taking up larger blocks of time.    I think those things will keep me occupied for the next couple of weeks, so I need to do some better organizing and planning.

I’ve had friends and other bloggers mention that they do scheduled posts, and I’ve been resistant to that on the (foolish?) ground that I could take a picture of knitting on one day and set it to post another day (particularly for the Yarn Along on Wednesdays) but what if the knitting is dramatically different by the posting day??  I think I’m finally realizing that this is not something I should be worrying about.  So, I’ll try to get better about posting again.

I’ve also started using a Bullet Journal.  There are some things that are really working for me (daily logs) and some that I don’t need right now (the monthly calendar as list – I might try it in a more traditional calendar shape).  I just saw a tip from a friend who has “permanent” pages for her menu and grocery list – she puts them on post-its on dedicated pages and that I’ll definitely have to do.  I don’t need half the journal populated with grocery/menu pages.

Here’s to more forward progress!

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