Yarn Along 2016: Week 6


I’m knitting a pair of basic mittens for my mom out of this soft and smooth acrylic yarn.  I’m reading One Coffee With by Margaret Maron for my mystery book club.  This is our March book and I’m the one leading the discussion, so I need to make sure I actually read it this time.

The baby sweater pieces are done (from this post), but I still need to wash and block them so I can seam it all together and add buttons.  I have several other things that need to be washed and blocked, so I’ll do a full batch of hand washing.

I’ve also started a new pair of socks as my mindless/purse knitting.  They’re moving right along.  The yarn for those has distinct stripes, so I started them both in the same place.  I want to work on them more because it’s fun seeing the colors change.  I find myself saying “well, I’ll just finish this stripe and then I’ll go do something responsible.”  I need to do it the other way and do the required thing and then knit a stripe as a reward 🙂

I’m joining up with Ginny’s Yarn Along a day late.


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1 Response to Yarn Along 2016: Week 6

  1. Elise and Life says:

    Ooh love that yarn, it’ll look great as mittens! 🙂

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