Yarn Along 2016: Week 7

blocking in progress

I’ve been a slacker lately.  I’ve had these sweater pieces done for a while (it’s very possible it’ll be too small for the baby in question) and I finally blocked them today.  Thankfully they came out of the pot (literally – I put the wool wash in a small stock pot – it was easier than blocking off a sink) at the correct dimensions or nearly and just need a small tug.  While I had the wool wash out, I threw in this scarf I made last year and wanted to block.  It probably needed blocking wires or pins, but I’m hoping that just stretching it and smoothing it out will improve it.    I was working on it last summer and it’s been waiting patiently for a bath.

I learned that Linda’s crochet cotton (I think that’s what it is) doesn’t bleed.  I’d used red crochet cotton as the stitch holders for the sweater because it’s smooth and was handy when I needed a holder.  When I realized I would need to wash the sweater ideally before it was seamed, I was concerned about the red thread issue.  So, I took some of the thread, laid it on a white kitchen towel and got it soaked with hot water.  I tried that several times in several different spots in the towel, and there was NO pink residue.  I did little piles of the thread – not just a single line.   I’m not saying this will work every time (the not bleeding), but I was glad I found a test that worked.  When I washed the pieces, I used cool water.

I’m reading several things right now.  I’m listening to Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich.  I’m supposed to be reading One Coffee With by Margaret Maron, but I’ve set it aside temporarily because The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler-Olsen became available from the library and I wanted to read that before the loan expired.

I’m joining up with Ginny’s Yarn Along.  Two weeks in a row!

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