2016 Thankfulness Day 3

I am thankful for drugstores.  I have a cold.  I caught it originally in mid-October and seemed pretty recovered.  Then I had a week of inadequate sleep, plane and car travel, and a change in routine.  The cough has returned with gusto and post-nasal drip has joined the party.  It’s a fun time in my head.

I’ve been trying to manage it all with cough drops and warm drinks.  I’d love to have more sleep but that’s been out of my grasp (what with the hacking cough) except for small bits here and there.  I’ve been taking naps where I can.  Tonight I broke down and bought some OTC cough relief and before bed I’ll take the full dose of an antihistamine for the nose (I took the cough stuff immediately because that won’t knock me out).

It may very well be a case of “if you treat cold it’s typically gone in a week, but if you just power thru  it takes 7 days to get rid of it,” but I’m feeling a little more pro-active about it anyway.  This cold has been keeping me away from the ice cream in the house – I want some but I keep thinking about how much more phlegm I’d probably have and I skip it.  So maybe it’s good that it’ll be here for the week.

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