2016 Thankfulness Day 10

I am thankful for knitting groups.  Being a stay-at-home parent to older children, I find it harder to make friends and meet people than I did when I had very young children.  Knitting groups have been a help.  The first knitting group I found connected me to a book club (I’ve always wanted to be in a book club!) and slowly the circle of people I knew grew.

The second group I found meets every other Thursday night at various breweries around the city.  I don’t really like beer, but I liked the people I met there, so I kept going back.  I met up with them tonight.  We chatted about knitting, about personal lives, about the election – about life.  I’m glad I’ve found these people.  They were definitely a spot of sunshine (moonlight?  it was the evening) in a very trying week.

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