I’ve been doing the bulk of my knitting out of the house in the past several months.  It means I’ve been doing mostly mindless knitting that doesn’t require a lot of concentration.  I have a pair of socks that are “stalled” because I need to turn heels and I can’t do those out of the house.


Instead, I’ve been working on this 1×1 ribbed scarf out of 2 colors of Lion Brand Amazing (wildflowers and constellation).  My instagram page is currently boring since this is the only thing I’ve been posting about (the location varies, but the project doesn’t).

This picture is from the hockey rink.  I had to be there early with Thing 1, so I brought a book, my knitting, and some tea and set myself up on one of the tables. I have paper and pencil there, too, because I’m reading Bad Feminist for a book group and I have things I want to remember for discussion or comment.

Some parts of this scarf are dull, color-wise.  The bit in this picture, though, is really fun with almost a rainbow quality.

I really need to turn those sock heels.  This scarf is 45 inches/114.3 centimeters already which means I’m over half-way done.  While I have enough yarn to make another one (and another one, and probably another one), I’d like to get some other things done. Oh wait – my friends over at The Crafty Hive are doing a hat knit along with prizes!  That’s what’s next, then.  Do you have a favorite hat pattern?  Worsted yarn or finer, please and thank you.


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