Yarn Along: January 2018


That was my knitting yesterday.  I was working on a Pup Tent hat (still in progress) in some, I think, Lamb’s Pride yarn.  I was reading Little Fires Everywhere.  I’ve finished the book and haven’t started anything new yet.  I took a stack of books back to the library, but that particular location is closed to patrons right now.

The library has been going thru a major renovation and I was asked to come in this morning and help with the final push.  My morning looked mostly like this:
I was putting rfid and some other kind of tag on the children’s DVDs.  First I had to magnetically open all the cases with this thing that I had to slide all of the DVDs thru, one at a time.  I did the whole rack first, and averaged about 5 minutes per shelf.  Not bad.

Putting those tags/stickers on was much slower.  A square sticker had to go on the right reverse side of the cover art slip.  Then, see those circular stickers?  You peel off the outer ring (like a donut, leaving the “donut hole” behind), and put that over the existing white sticker at the center of the DVD.  That process took, on average, 30 minutes per shelf.  And there isn’t a way to make it much more efficient.  I worked with other volunteers and some employees and had fun conversations while we all did this nearly mindless task.  I’m going back tomorrow (the library is supposed to reopen on Friday!).  I really hope other people finished the DVDs.

I’m returning to the blog with help from Ginny’s Yarn Along (now monthly rather than weekly): http://www.gsheller.com/2018/01/yarn-along-324.html

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