Good idea/bad idea

I don’t know if this will be a recurring topic.  Maybe that will depend on how the year shakes out.

Good idea: yesterday I decided to learn a new-to-me cast on.  It’s the German Twisted Cast On, and I learned via a video posted by Jimmy Beans Wool.  Note: I have no affiliation with JBW and won’t earn a dime if you click on either of those links.  It’s similar in execution to the classic long tail cast on in that it uses that “sling shot” positioning for the yarn, but has some different swoopy/twisty bits.  But yay for learning new things, right?

Bad idea: I decided to do this while casting on 160 stitches for the Sockhead Cowl by BohoKnits.  Also bad?  Doing it with this green yarn from my stash where the ball started with a very dark green section.  Furtherly bad?  Doing it at night.  We have “daylight” lightbulbs thru most of the house, but they’re not the same as actual daylight.  I mean, maybe they would be if I had them lighting up all of my windows plus overhead.  Who knows.
But, I did it.  Or at least I think I did.  It looks correct in that it’s a functional cast on and I was able to complete the first round of ribbing just fine (and if my count is off, it’s off by a multiple of 4 since the 2×2 ribbing worked out).


Even the picture is “not good” since I took it last night on my kitchen table (under a daylight light fixture).  But yeah.

So clearly I learned two things: the German twisted cast on AND that I shouldn’t take pictures of fingering weight dark yarn in the evening.

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