Weekend Whereabouts

One of the many things I enjoy about knitting is how portable it can be.  So many things that I knit have simple stitch patterns or areas of plain stockinette stitch so they’re easy to knit on the go.  I knit plain vanilla socks, hats or cowls with repeating patterns, scarves in simple rib stitches, etc.  When I have to do something more complicated, I use loads of stitch markers so that if (when!) I make a mistake I can more easily track what went wrong and where it happened.

The two projects I’m actively working on right now are good for out of the house, and so they went out of the house with me this weekend.  On Saturday, I met up with some knitting friends at a local cafe and worked on a pair of socks.  IMG_20180217_162113982.jpg

That’s my mason jar with the blue top.  It’s an insert from Cuppow that turns a mason jar (to be specific, mine is a Classico spaghetti sauce jar) into sippy type cup.  They are also used for coffee/hot drink cups.  I’m using Lion Brand Sockease to knit a pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks from the toe up.

On Sunday, DH and I went out for dinner without the kids (we invited them – they wanted to stay home).  I had my Sockhead cowl in my purse with me.  I’m knitting that out of Jawoll Magic Degrade and am enjoying the stripes.  There was live music at a local restaurant and we enjoyed that even if it meant we had to shout at each other (or lean in very close) in order to be heard.  I’m nearly done with the cowl – I think I have under an inch of the final ribbing to do.


What do you like to knit out of the house (if you ever do knit out of the house)?


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