Planning to live without yarn

Hi all,

I keep meaning to write and then I don’t take pictures and the word on the street is blogs need pictures.  I may have to just write without photos sometimes since I think I’ll need the writing outlet over the next several weeks and taking pictures may be more than I can remember on a given day.

My family and I are moving back to Arizona.  We have so much stuff to pack and we’re all overwhelmed, honestly.  I knew that my yarn and knitting books would be relatively easy to pack, so I started there.  First, though, I had to decide what NOT to pack because a couple of months without knitting is just a bad idea.

I decided I needed to roughly plan on 6 months worth of knitting.  I won’t be without my stuff for that long (one month is the most, really), but I figured that many plans would give me some choice and definitely be enough.

DSCF1793Starting from the upper left corner and going clockwise:

Hermione’s Everyday Socks in Fireball Sockease
Cat’s Paw scarf in Heritage Paints
(in that white and red sheep bag) two skeins of grey worsted wool to maybe be a scarf to donate?
A backup skein of sock yarn in case all the other is used up
This blue ball is hoping to be a Hitchhiker scarf
Lorna’s Laces in “Zombie BBQ” for socks for me
Some light sportweight yarn that might become a Baktus
My Tulle shawl in progress
(n the center) green socks in progress

Earlier this week I thought I was getting kind of fed up with socks and fingering weight yarn, but I haven’t committed to a pattern for the grey yarn, so I continue to just make socks.

I can put all those projects in a reasonably sized tote bag.  I’ve also crammed in there my main sock knitting book, all of my needles, and a “tool” bag with scissors, needle gauge, stitch markers and other useful bits.

Now if I could just get motivated to pack more stuff.  Ugh.


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