A challenging part of moving house is sorting out where to put large furniture that had been in the previous house. In our NC house, I had an “office” in what I think was meant to be a formal dining or sitting room. I didn’t love the space because it was right off the front door, it had no door (the opening was double wide, so adding one would’ve been costly), and I shared with the boys’ computer.

In this house, I still have no space that is my own. That was an initial requirement when we were househunting, but was quickly becoming unrealistic when we needed to consider bedrooms for people, an office for DH (who works from home full time), and a guest room since people want to see us sometimes. It’s possible I could’ve shared the guest room, but the best way to do that would’ve been to put a futon or similar thing in the room and we don’t own one. It might still be a plan further down the line.  Also, with my children being 15 and almost 18, I might be able to claim one of those rooms in the future. A girl can dream.

In the meantime, “my” Expedit and desk have been set up in our (quite large) master bedroom. DH assembled them earlier this week, and I got my yarny things unpacked on Wednesday. I noticed while unpacking that my sock yarn stash has definitely decreased.  I used to have to really smoosh it down so that I could push the bin back in place. Now there’s headroom. Clearly working from stash has made a difference!


My laptop is on the desk now (and other random stuff because I’m not tidy by nature). I have a cat sleeping in an empty cubby and I need to get the rest of my personal books, magazines, and supplies in here. I keep reaching for a pen and don’t have one.

My desk faces a window that looks at the backyard, pool, and a hummingbird feeder. I’ve been keeping the curtains closed because it’s so hot out and they’ll help keep the room cooler, but I may have to open them when the sun isn’t shining in directly. I also want to update the tags on the bins (they’re from Target) because they’re not completely accurate anymore.

Now, though, I should probably go find another box to empty.

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