Day 2: 30 days of gratitude

Today’s prompt is “nature.”  This one is easy for me. Or it would’ve been if I could’ve gotten wordpress to behave better.  I was trying to use the “add media from google” and I kept getting booted back or something.  I managed to copy over these two pictures.

These are from last month at Camp Little Notch in Fort Ann, New York, USA.  I’ve posted about CLN before.  Way back when, CLN was owned by a Girl Scout Council in upstate New York.  In the 2000s, they decided to sell the property and a devoted group of alums got together and did the things needed to do to buy it.  It has reopened as a summer girls camp and hosts other events and is available for rental groups.  The Adirondack Balloon Festival is held nearby and a bunch of people rented sleeping space (platform tents, cabins, or just “a spot to set up your own tent”) for the 2018 festival which is pretty great. A group of doctors has rented the space to do wilderness medical training.  Girl Scout groups have spent weekends there.  I’m so thrilled it is still being used and loved and rediscovered.

When I was there last month, I walked around the property and took pictures of the cowl I was knitting in several places – generally on the water (there is a large pond at camp). Let’s see if wordpress will cooperate enough for one of those.


Oh hey look – that worked.  That wooden bridge in the first picture is the Pooh Bridge and it’s perfect for playing Pooh Sticks (more than you need to know about the “game”) and having a Pooh Party (which for us mostly meant graham crackers and honey).

In the bottom picture, I’m standing on the waterfront swimming dock.  Way in the distance you can see the floating bridge that makes getting around camp a little faster (except in a thunderstorm).

If you’re interested in supporting Camp Little Notch, you can donate here (there is information about volunteering at that link – we’d love your money, but your muscles are very useful,too) or get a great 2019 wall calendar full of images of camp.

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