Day 6: 30 days of gratitude



Considering the name of the blog, this should come as no surprise. I also do a decent amount of reading (print and audio) and I waste a stupid amount of time watching Netflix.

I’m currently reading Fletch Won and The Stonecutter.  I’m watching season four of Orange is the New Black – I’ve seen most of it but had forgotten and wanted a review before I started season five. I’m not sure what the current season number is, but I’m behind for certain.

The knitting pictured is a request from my spouse: a wool sweater for him. It’s “Beagle” by Norah Gaughan knit in Wool of the Andes Superwash in “Cobblestone Heather.”

This is the first yarn I’ve acquired in a long time. I’ve been able to knit from my stash for a long time and that’s definitely something for which I am thankful. I’ve had some patches of very over-zealous buying and have been trying to curb that. It actually has been pretty easy with how large my stash is. I didn’t have a sweater quantity of anything, though, so this project required a purchase. We did the pattern and yarn browsing while my mom was here visiting and then she offered to buy the yarn. She said she would consider it DH’s Christmas present from her and that doing that made the holidays one person easier. I’m not certain the finished sweater will be his present from me this Christmas. Well, not if I still need to be useful in other ways…

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