Thankfulness 2016 Day 17

I’m thankful for our cat.  Charlie joined our family when his former family moved far away.  He’s a young cat and quite lively.  He excitedly chases that troublesome red dot, he stalks the squirrels from the screen porch, and he’s finally started sitting in my lap.  Oh, and he slays spiders.

He’s not as “cozy” as our previous cat, but she was much older.  Gizmo would spend her days waiting for someone to sit down so she could pounce and set up camp in a lap. I feel like I have to ignore Charlie for him to show interest.

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Thankfulness 2016 Day 16

I am thankful for craft fairs.  I went to a very large one in town today, accompanied by a hockey friend.  The first space we entered was quite large and we devised a walking plan to make sure we saw everything.  When we stopped for lunch, we discovered two other much larger areas!  We were really surprised, and decided to skip those spaces.

We each made a few purchases (including fudge!), and headed home. I’m glad I was able to have a good day out with a friend.

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Thankfulness 2016 Day 15

I am thankful for liquor.  I’m not a regular drinker of alcoholic beverages, but I do enjoy one from time to time.  I’ve had wonderful cocktails and bad choice booze.  I’m currently enjoying a glass of Crabbie’s Ginger Beer as part of my “night before Thanksgiving” prep work.

I’ve had celebratory champagne toasts, “help me get thru this event” glasses of wine, shots of a new to me drink with family (last Christmas I learned I like Rumchata mixed with Fireball whiskey), and medicinal booze (those bourbon toddies that I’m not sure actually helped, so I should probably find something else to do with the bourbon).  I’ve made pitchers of margaritas for backyard parties, and several lovely chicken dishes involving white wine.

So, while Dionysus and I aren’t very best buds, we are passing acquaintances which serves me well.

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Thankfulness 2016 Day 14

(holy cow I’m behind – it’s currently 11/23, so I need to get caught up).

I’m thankful for firefighters.  There are several wildfires blazing here in North Carolina.  Firefighters from around the country have come in to help battle the blazes that aren’t slowing down (even at night).  I know it’s exhausting work.

I have lived in places with full paid firefighting staff and places where the entire crew were volunteers.  I imagine staffing a volunteer crew has to be a challenge.  My step-mother is the president of her local fire company and I know she carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.

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2016 Thankfulness Day 13

I am thankful for Costco.  I did shopping for the family today that included cucumbers, sweatpants, paper towels, and eggs.  I also browsed Christmas decorations and wine.  On my walk out, I considered getting lunch and noticed that I could get a deal on a new car.

I know there are issues with shopping at big box style stores.  When I was checking out, though, I noticed my cashier had been with the company since 1990.  We talked about that a bit while – he mentioned their bonus structure, they way they treat employees, and his overall job satisfaction.

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2016 Thankfulness day 12

I am thankful for podcasts.  I listen mostly to knitting podcasts (right now it’s Shinybees, The Knitmore Girls, and Curious Handmade).  In the past, I’ve listened to StoryWonk, Awesome Etiquette, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Serial, and Welcome to Night Vale.

They entertain me in the car and around the house.  They make me laugh or learn (or both!).  Thing 1 (16) has listened to Welcome to Night Vale with me in the car, but Thing 2 (13) doesn’t like it.  He did like the Story Wonk series about the first Harry Potter book.

Do you have podcasts you enjoy?

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2016 Thankfulness Day 11

I am thankful for my parents, step-parents, grandparents, and in-laws.  I am very lucky to be surrounded by loving, supportive adults.  My mom, my dad and step-mom, my grandmother, my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law, my father-in-law, my grandmother-in-law.

My children are loved by many people.  They share names with strong men from our family, they have been supported and encouraged by so many people.  They have adults who understand and talk to them in ways their parents don’t.  They have caring adults who KNOW them.

I am thankful to be in a circle of caring and support.

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