2016 Thankfulness Day 10

I am thankful for knitting groups.  Being a stay-at-home parent to older children, I find it harder to make friends and meet people than I did when I had very young children.  Knitting groups have been a help.  The first knitting group I found connected me to a book club (I’ve always wanted to be in a book club!) and slowly the circle of people I knew grew.

The second group I found meets every other Thursday night at various breweries around the city.  I don’t really like beer, but I liked the people I met there, so I kept going back.  I met up with them tonight.  We chatted about knitting, about personal lives, about the election – about life.  I’m glad I’ve found these people.  They were definitely a spot of sunshine (moonlight?  it was the evening) in a very trying week.

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2016 Thankfulness Day 9

I am thankful that I have easy access to perfectly potable drinking water.  I do not worry about the safety of the water being supplied to my house (that I don’t have to carry – it just shows up when I turn on the faucet), nor do I worry about that water supply vanishing.

I have lived in water restricted areas, but those restrictions were never severe.  Living in Arizona and being told to only water your yard weekly isn’t a hardship.

Want to help people who don’t have access to clean water?  Check out Water for South Sudan.

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2016 Thankfulness Day 8

I’m in the US.  I’m mostly thankful for television news right now.  It’s still early, and I know the election and election results are not the fault of the news.

I feel like I’m watching a slow motion train crash or something and can’t turn away.  I’m still glad I can keep track of what’s going on.

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2016 Thankfulness Day 7


I’m thankful for autumn.  It’s my favorite season.  This picture is from our trip to New York last month.  I tried taking a panoramic picture, but that is NOT my forte.

Autumn: cooler weather, explosive color, the arrival of winter holidays…. YES!



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2016 Thankfulness Day 6

I am thankful for Google calendar.  I’m honestly thankful for the whole Google system (“I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords”), but this will be just about the calendar.

Because the calendar is online and can be shared with people, I know that my partner and my children (smartphone owners all) can see scheduled events on any day from anywhere.  They may still tell me they didn’t know something was happening, but I lack sympathy since they could’ve checked the calendar.

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2016 Thankfulness Day 5

I am thankful for my washer and dryer.  I washed and dried my mattress pad on Friday and was going to put it on the bed this morning (we slept one night without it – dang thing needed air drying time which can be a challenge here) only to discover the cat had hacked up a sizable hair ball on it.

Back into the washer it goes.  *Sigh*

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2016 Thankfulness Day 4

I am thankful for early voting.  When we lived in Arizona, we could vote by mail and definitely took advantage of that.  We could also check that our ballot was received.  Voting by mail allowed us flexibility on when and where we could vote.  We completed the ballot and then signed on a box across the envelope flap (I think) indicating that we had completed our own ballots.

Now that we live in North Carolina, we can’t exactly vote by mail.  We can request an absentee ballot and submit that by mail or in person (and you don’t have to have a reason to vote absentee, like being ill or away from home on election day).  We do that, but returning the completed ballot is more complicated.  We must have our ballot witnessed by two people or a notary.  Officially these witnesses are supposed to watch us complete the ballot (while also maintaining the confidentiality of the voting process), and then they have to sign the back of the mailing envelope (as does the voter herself).

North Carolina has instituted early in-person voting as well.  The number of polling places gradually increases as it gets closer to election day.  I dropped my ballot off at one of these polling places this afternoon.  The line was only a few people long.  My husband went “after work” one day and he said the line was at least 30 minutes long.  He was able to hand off his completed ballot without waiting, thankfully.

I know this election cycle here in the US has been very dynamic, and will continue to be so until next week (I hope things will settle down after Tuesday).  I hope people get out and vote.  Make your voice heard!

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