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Where’s my time turner?

I finished another hat.  I’ll have to get back to you with pictures because I’ve just entered into mild panic mode.  Remember those Vampire Boyfriend socks I said I need to (start and) finish by the end of March?  I’ve … Continue reading

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Product, process, progress.

I’ve pretty much always been a “product” knitter rather than a “process” knitter.  There are some people for whom knitting is a loose creative experience: they knit swatches or pieces of fabric seeing how stitches look and how the fabric … Continue reading

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Blue is for hats

It’s tricky having someone shorter than you take a picture of your head. I think this was picture number 20, and that was after I explained that I needed JUST my head, and I finally figured out that I needed … Continue reading

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Pretty in blue

I just finished listening to Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster.  Somehow I got the recommendation to read her fiction piece If You Were Here and I really enjoyed it, so I’m reading her memoir stuff.  Generally, I’m a chronological … Continue reading

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Knitting out of the house

As I’ve mentioned before, I do a decent amount of knitting out of the house. I knit at Park Days, during the Things’ art class, in the front yard watching kids play, at stitch and bitch, etc.  Many of the … Continue reading

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5.8 hockey rinks

That’s how much yarn I used up in January (projects that were finished in January regardless of when they were started).  So many things are measured in football fields, but that’s not the way our family rolls.  To be specific, … Continue reading

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